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Special FX

No occasion is complete without the thrill of a spectacular effects display !


We offer a wide range of High Power laser light units both single and full colour that will enhance any and every function and event filling any room with sharp and powerful multi-beams of coloured light  !

A full range of powerful units available from stock !


Please contact us today, to see how afordable a high power laser light can be to meet both your personal requirements and budget !


Available for one off 24hr event hire with our laser technician or on a long-term fully installed and maintained rental package ! 


Co2 Jets and blaster units are the latest special effects units to be used in todays clubs, festivals and events !.... A quick thick white blast of Co2, very similar to a blast of  thick white smoke comes from the special Co2 jet heads that blast this great effect into the venue, creating a great wow factor ! Great used as a single stand alone system, even better when used in multiples.

We offer a range of Co2 jet units available from stock, from a handheld gun type unit, standard blaster heads that give 5/8 metre blasts and our massive Co2 cannons that blast upto 10/14 metre's, so a complete range to suit every size venue or event !

All available with or without technicians and operators ! 

real flame.jpg

Fire & Flames

Another great and special effect !

We offer 2 different type of flame special effect units,

1) The Silk Flame units, creat a great stage effect of fluttering silk material blowing with high power lighting focussed on to the silk material all from within a self contained unit  to create a great effect !

2) Real fire and flame units that give a short blast of real fire and flames into the air, a great stage effect especially used in multiples.

contact us to discuss this great effect further to see how we can help.  


The use of Pyrotechincs is yet another great special effect used in stage shows and events, we offer a complete range of Pyro's that create both individual and special effect to enhance a production or stage show.


Various styles and types of effects available, please enquire further to find the best effect to meet your requirements. 

Fx Hire Co2 confetti blaster in action -


Confetti blasters, another great effect both indoor and out that shoot confetti and other promotional items over a stage show or the audiance.


Our more powerful confetti blasters are great for special promotions which can blast more than just confetti, such as small promotional items even a t-shirt can be blasted into an audiance, showing the power of these units.


Contact us to discuss your requirements further and availability !

Smoke, Fog & Haze

Smoke effect also commonly known as fog is a standard effect used in all venues and events to enhance any effect lighting system.


We offer a large range of Smoke machines and fluids, to suit all sizes of venues and events from a small smoke machine for a private party hire and very commonly hired for  private Haloween house parties, etc through to high power output to fill the largest size venue together with the latest vertical blast smoke machines too.


Optical Haze machines are also available from stock when more of a misty haze effect is required to enhance your lighting without the big white blast from the standard smoke machines, especially great for laser lighting shows.

Snow & Foam

Snow effect machines, very seasonable of course very popular for the christmas period !


We offer a wide selection of snow machines and fluids available from stock, both for the residential house party through to the more larger professional units required to create the same snow effect but for outdoor events such as christmas light switch on events etc.


contact us to discuss your individual requirements further and availability !


Bubble effects add a further special effect  to your party or event !


We offer a range of bubble machines and fluids for use in a small house party through to our larger units that have a massive output filling the area with bubbles, and if using ultra-violet lighting then try our new special effect UV active bubbles !

Ultra-Violet Lighting

Ultra-Violet Lighting also known as Blacklight Blue, is an essential tool for setting a mood and creating atmosphere for themed events,  We offer a choice of Ultra Violet lighting units including heavy duty UV Cannon units fitted with powerful 400 watt Ultra Violet lamps, the UV cannon features a high power reflector which spreads the UV light over a long distance, the UV flood features a reflector which sends the UV light over a shorter distance but in turn has a wider light spread. These UV canons are great for any event, disco, club, wedding etc.


Please contact us to discuss your requirements further ! 

Power Drop Units

Power drop units are the professionals choice in the controlled release

electronically of overhead effects ! 


Be it the release of a curtain or netting full of balloons at midnight on newyears eve, or for any other special effect that needs to be remotely released overhead etc. by the simple press of a button, the power drop quick release units allow you to do this both professionally and safely when you need !


please enquire for further details and availability ! 

Interested in finding out more on how we can be of service ? .....Let's Talk !
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