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Creating the right atmosphere with top-notch audio quality has never been easier! Bring out the best in live music and control sound levels to comply with the nature of your event, for an optimal, full sound.

Audio Components

We offer a hugh range in quality P.A. and Audio sound system components that utalise the latest in Audio technology. Audio mixing desks, DJ controllers, DJ mixer units and CD units, CD players, signal processing equipment, Microphones, Wireless Radio Microphone systems, Sound Limiters, Mixer and stereo slave Amplification, Portable speakers, stands and all ancillary components, cables, etc. all on competative hire rates to suit your needs and budget !


Special deal's on Pioneer CDJ's & Mixer packages  for 24hr one off Party hire or long-term installation packages !

Contact us today to discuss your requirements further and a competative quotation ! 

Background music systems

Background audio music systems available for both retail shop units, Restaurants, pubs, bars ,clubs and anywhere with a customer waiting room, etc.


A professionally installed background music system allows any type of premises or venue to play background music at a individually controlable level in different areas of any premises, which will enhance any customers experiance and take that dead feeling out of any room,  uplifting the rooms feeling and atmosphere without being loud, with options including microphone talk over,  for product promotion, staff calling, emergency messages, etc.


Please contact us to discuss your needs and to allow us to give an afordable package.

Portable P.A. / Sound Systems

We carry a large selection of music and PA type portable sound systems all available for hire to meet every need and budget.


Be it a small portable self contained P.A. system suitable for the gym, aerobics or dance studio, etc. through to a multi microphone live / band PA or mobile DJ System, these are all portable and easy to set up and control giving the operator ease of use together with portability that will fit in the back of a standard car. We hold Full range speaker systems both active or passive together with various sized power amplifiers, etc. again to suit every size venue or event and giving flexability on budget too. 

Main & Front of House Sound Systems

Fully Portable P.A. Systems through to Larger style  Speaker stack type systems for every event, function and ocassion together with festival type and club installed systems are all available from our vast stock of hire sound equipment.


Every speaker system is individual to the venue size, shape and capacity therefore we can design and supply the correct type and size of system for your individual requirements.


With every system, the correct processing equipment can be supplied to enhance the quality of sound including speaker management system controllers, crossover network units, graphic equalisers, sound enhancers together with the correct and suitable amplification for the speaker system required.


All processing equipment and amplification is supplied in fully professional flight cases for the ease of transportation and protection etc.


Please contact us to discuss your requirements further. 

Interested in finding out more on how we can be of service ? .....Let's Talk !
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